Team Composition
Each team is composed of max. 13 players (11 players with 2 liberos).

U16 Female (birthdate 2002 to 2004)
U18 Female (birthdate 2000 to 2002)
U16 Male (birthdate 2002 to 2004)
U18 Male (birthdate 2000 to 2002)

Court measurements and net heights
The measurements of the courts are 9 meters x 18 meters
The height of the net is as the following:
U16 and U18 Female > 2.24
U16 Male > 2.35
U18 Male > 2.43

Game Rules
Each and every game will play 3 sets to 25 points (played with the Rally Point System). The third set will also have a coin toss for the ball and a change of courts at the 13th point of the set. Each set won is worth 1 point.