Art. 1) The “F.I.T. Provinciale di Tennis Reggio Emilia” organizes, as part of the 6th edition of the Tricolor Games, a tennis tournament for Under 12 M / F players (born in 2006-2007), Under 14 M / F (born in years 2004-2005), Under 16 M / F (born in the years 2002-2003).
Art. 2) The tournament will take place in a single phase with a main draw up to a maximum of 88 seats.
Art. 3) Every match will take place at the best of 2 sets out of 3, up to 4 games with tie-break on a tie of 3. The third set will be a tie-break up to 10 points. In all the games on the 40-all a killer point will decide the winner of the game.
Art. 4) The scheduled categories are:
singular (Under 12) male
singular (Under 12) female
singular (Under 14) male
singular (Under 14) female
singular (Under 16) male
singular (Under 16) female
Art. 5) The registration of the players must be sent to the Organizing Committee of the Tricolor Games (via Adua, 97 – 42100 Reggio Emilia – Tel. 0522-922629 – fax 0522-926342 e-mail:
Art. 6) No registration fee will be required as long as the players have previously paid the participation fee (€ 10.00 per person) to the Organizing Committee of the Tricolor Sports Games and made a regular registration.
Art. 7) Each representative may be formed by a minimum of one player to a maximum of four players per category. It is strongly recommended to enroll athletes in order of technical ability. The presence of two managers is essential if the number of team athletes exceeds eight units.
Art. 8) The scoreboards will be filled out with the relative seeded players at the Tennis Club Beriv Multisport, following the technical indications provided at the time of registration and the consultation of the activity carried out by the players. The drafting of the hours, the definition of the gaming venues and the results of the meetings will be communicated just in time to the athletes and their chaperones to the Press Office of the general organization of the Tricolor Sports Games.
Art. 9) It is up to the Referee to have matches played on indoor courts, with different backgrounds or with artificial lighting. It is also the faculty of the Organizing Committee to discuss meetings on the fields of other clubs in the district that have given availability for this purpose.
Art. 10) All the final matches will be played in the three hosting clubs except for possible organizational variations, while the official awards with the ceremony will be held at the C.T. BERIV Multisport.
Art. 11) The first place will be awarded, together with the second and the two third places of both men’s and women’s competitions, with the Tricolor Sports Games medals.
Art. 12) Head ATP are the official balls of the tournament.
Art. 13) The organizer declines any and all responsibility for any accidental damage that may occur to the competitor.