tennis table


The competition consists of a single tournament and a team tournament m/f.
Single tournament: the athletes play in groups with one-way matches. The two athletes better positioned in every group will play the final elimination phase.
Team tournament: is played directly with an elimination phase. The formula is a “Mini Davis cup” with two single matches and a double match. Every team will be composed by two athletes belonging to the same category m/f.
Every delegation is allowed to enroll a maximum of 8 (eight) athletes to the competitions, independently from their category or sex, and 4 (four) teams. The athletes must be in couples for every category and possibly for every sex. If necessary, mixed teams m/f may be formed for the same category. The representatives from Reggio Emilia, in case of too many enrollments, may be reduced to a number of 4 athletes and of 2 teams.

B (born in 2000-2001-2002)
A (born in2003-2004-2005)
N.b.: in case of an insufficient number of enrollments in the female categories, the enrolled athletes will play in the respective male categories. This is valid both for the single and the team competitions.
In case of a draw between two or more athletes in the qualification groups, the ranking will take into consideration:
Direct confrontation
Set quotient
Point difference

AWARDS: the best four athletes of the single competitions will be awarded in every category m/f. The best three teams in the team competition will be awarded in every category m/f.
Regarding what is not said in this rule book, the actual rules of the FITeT and of the I.T.T.F. are valid.
In case of necessity, the organizing committee may put in place changes to this rule book in order to guarantee the regular progress of the tournament.
Every participant is required to fulfill the health and insurance protection rules of his or her own country.
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