Ruzzolone background and history

The students of the “Pietro Berrettini” Middle School of Camucia (AR) carried out a research on the games practiced in the area from the end of the 19th century to the middle of our century. It says about the “barutolone” or ruzzolone something like: “In the oldest version they used to throw a cheese shape, but then the barutolone was built in wood as it is much more durable and more agile. The players, according to the established order, wrapped the rope or the belt around it and threw it on the road.
The ability consisted in pushing the wood really fast to get as far as possible but also in throwing it in a way that it could overcome the terrain difficulties. If, for example, a turn on the right needed to be overcome, the players rolled the rope to the left and dosed the shot’s strength so that the barutolone could slow up and bend; even if it fell immediately afterwards, the pitcher was advantaged by the fact that the tool did not go out of the way, which could result in a penalty or disqualification.
Of course, the first who managed to reach the set goal won. Anyway, the game rules often had variations as, for example, when the path had many tight turns. In this case, it was allowed to “pull” the wheel, meaning to launch it into the air to reach the road on the other side. Obviously, if the shot was failed the player was forced to return to the launch point.