The event will take place in the lake “Acqua Viva” in Albinea, via Roncosano 11 (RE), regardless of weather conditions. It belongs to the Tre Castelli Trabucco Damo company.
The competitors will be divided into groups according to their age and to the number of participants: U13 – U15 – U17 for males and females.
It is possible to use fixed and reel rods or reel rods, with a maximum length of 10 meters for U13 and U15 categories, while for the U17 the maximum length is 13 meters.
It is forbidden for the carers to give help to the competitors, otherwise the competitor will be disqualified.
The competitors must be in possession of a net to keep alive the catch, which will be put back into the water after being weighed at the end of the game.
The landing is strictly personal and cannot be given to other competitors.
The competition will last for two hours, with the beginning and the ending heard with acoustic signals.
You can use as baits / pasture larvae of carnaria fly 500 grams, earthworms, flour max 1 Kg., Corn two boxes of 250 grams.
The fishing goes from the lowest assigned number to the next higher number. It is assigned 1 point per each fished gram.
The first three players of each men and women category will be awarded, while the three most numerous groups will be awarded a Cup or Plate.
CONI, FIPSAS, the organizing company, the Competition Judge, the collaborators, the bank inspectors, are exempt from any and all liability for damages or accidents of any kind that due to the race may derive from persons or things related to third parties.