Fight duration and number of rounds:
SCHOOLBOY boxers: 13 years old or 14 not already reached  3 rounds of 1,5’ each.
JUNIOR boxers: 15 years old or 16 not already reached  3 rounds of 2’ each.
YOUTH boxers: 17 years old or 18 not already reached  3 rounds of 3’ each.
The uniform is composed of:
Gym shoes.

Protective tools:
Helmet for cheekbones and head.
There will be a jury composed of three judges.
The referee directs the fight but does not participate in the verdict.
In addition, there will be a meeting commissioner who will be responsible for respecting the rules of the ring. For any doubt or dispute concerning the event he will be the only one to decide on any and every dispute.
The ring must have a minimum size of 5.20 square meters and no more than 6.20 square meters inside the four strings.
The match officials are the following: a doctor, two timekeepers and the speaker. They must be placed to the right of the red corner at the edge of the ring. At three meters from the race officials there must be a barricade for the whole square and have a distance of at least 3 meters from the ring.
The public is outside the fence.
Near the ring will have to stop an ambulance equipped with expert staff.
An audio system and lighting ring system will be required.
The event will last no longer than two hours. Starting time: 9pm, maximum time 11pm.
The ring will be installed by Italian boxing staff on the afternoon of july 8th and dismantled as soon as the event is over.