beach volley


Team Composition:
Each team is composed of max. 4 players (2 players on the court). Reserve players can substitute the players on the court only at the beginning of the game or at any time in case of an injury.

U16 Female (birthdate from 2002 to 2004)
U18 Female (birthdate from 2000 to 2002)
U16 Male (birthdate from 2002 to 2004)
U18 Male (birthdate from 2000 to 2002)

Court measurements and net heights:
The measurements of the courts are 16 meters x 8 meters.
The height of the net is as the following:
U16 and U18 Female  2.24
U16 and U18 Male  2.43

Game Rules:
The rules are considered the same as Indoor Volley with these exceptions.
The tip can be followed by fingers of an open hand.
It is not allowed to send the ball back with a volley on the first touch, on the second and third touch it is allowed only if the ball travels perpendicular to the line of the shoulders (the forward and backward volley)
A coach is permitted on the bench.

Point System:
The game is won by the team who wins 2 sets. A set (except for the third set) is won by the team which gets the 21st point with at least an advantage of 2 points. In case of a tie of 20 points, the game continues until there is an advantage of 2 points. For example, 22-20 or 23-21. In case of 1-1 set, the third set is decisive and is played to 15 points with an advantage of 2 points.
The teams change courts at the 7th point of the first and second set and after every 5 points of the third set.

Common Notes:
It is possible to apply for the games online. It is important that the applicant communicates promptly the application form.
The formula of the tournament will be determined on the number of participating teams and will be communicated through the website.
For further information, please contact