The participating teams will have to deliver the list of the athletes that can be modified only before the start of the tournament. the teams can register a maximum of 14 athletes for each match.
There are three categories: U18 (2000-2001-2002), U15 (2003-2004-2005) and U12 (2006-2007-2008)
Aluminum bats will be used, for the U12 category the use of “big barrrel” is not allowed. 142 grams balls will be used for all categories.

Competition procedure
The matches will be played on the distance of 7 innings (U18), 6 innings (U15) and 5 innings (U12) or with a max. of h 2.0 (U18), and h 1.45 (U15 and U12). A new inning will not start if 1.45 (U18) and h1.30 (U15 and U12) will be already spent, except parity; in case of a tie, 1 extra-inning will be played by applying the tie break. (1out situation, the manager will choose a player of the line-up and will position him as runner on second base, the player who follows him in the line-up will go into batting).
The first team mentioned in the race calendar represents the one at home and will occupy the third base dugout.
Failure to present in the field will determine the defeat with a 7/0 score.
In case of suspension for rain, the game can be considered valid by G.U. at the end of 4 (U18 and U15), or 3 (U12) innings or after 1.30 hours of play (U18 and U15) or 1.15 (U12) will be spent.
Only for the U12 category it will be allowed to score a max. of 4 points for each inning, after which the inning will be terminated regardless of the number of outs.

Field measures
For the U12 category the distance between the bases will be 18.43 m, while the launching platform will be placed at 14.02 m.
The replaced players will not be able to return to the field.
Designated beater
The designated beater for the U18 category is allowed.

Rankings’ determination
The tournament will be played in a single round with one-way races.
The team ranked in 5th place will not participate in the finals.
The teams in the 3rd / 4th place will meet in a single final match.
The final for the 1st / 2nd place will be played at the best of three games, considering the result of the qualifying group match as the first of the three games.
The criteria considered for making up the ranking in the event of a tie will be as follows: millesimal average between the games played / won; fewer points suffered; difference made / suffered points; younger team; draw.
Launchers’ Regulation
During the tournament a pitcher can launch a total of 9 innings with a max. of 6 innings per day (U18), 5 innings per day (U15) and 3 innings per day (U12), excluding any tie-break. A single launch made by the pitcher will charge 1 full innings.
A removed pitcher cannot re-enter the mountain during the same game.
General rules
At the end of each match the playing field must be immediately vacated.
If it is possible, the use of the field for a short warm-up is allowed, which in case of occupied field must be done in the outdoor spaces in front of it.

The organization committee will designate for each match the classifier who will have the task of filling in the roles and scores necessary to make up the team and individual rankings.
The awards will be made at the end of the tournament only to the members of the team (desirable) or their representative.


Technical manager
Prof. Piccinini Sergio: