All the archers of the Junior Classes, Junior, Cadets and Boys both male and female regularly signed up in Fitarco with valid competitive medical examination are admitted to the Tricolor Games.
The qualifying race will take place with 6 (six) voleès of 6 (six) arrows. Individual matches will follow for the absolute and team matches from the quarter-finals.

Registered athletes can participate with the Olympic arch or Compound bow. It is the competitor’s responsibility to use equipment that matches the Fitarco Regulations.

It will be possible to carry out a test in the pitch / view assigned. You can pull all the arrows that the athlete deems necessary within the time limit of 4 (four) minutes.
The test rolls end with the extraction of the test arrows which must be checked.

1. Set of six arrows for the Recurve (Olympic) and Compound divisions • Set of three arrows for individual matches.
2. The maximum time to throw a series of three arrows is two minutes. The maximum time to throw a series of six arrows is four minutes.

1. The organizing committee decides if one, two or three archers may throw at the same time.
2. If four archers pull in four for the target, two at a time, the rotation will be as follows: AB-CD, CD-AB, AB-CD etc.
3. The team event will start from the quarter-finals. The team members will be declared before the team competition starts.
4. A team consists of the 3 athletes (2 in the case of a Mixed Team) who have obtained the best position in the qualifying stage. It is possible to replace a team member, who anyway must have taken part in the qualification phase. In case of a substitution, the medal will be given to the archers who have provided a shot in the Team Phase.
5. In the Final phases (individual matches) each archer will throw a separate target.
6. In the Teams trial (both teams pull at the same time): Both teams will start all the series of their matches with the archers behind the “meter line” • The team members will throw two arrows in an order that they may decide. • An archer will occupy the shooting line, while the other two will remain behind the meter line. No more than one archer at a time can stay over the meter line. Maximum time for six arrows 2 MINUTES.

If a member of a team crosses the meter line too early, the Referee will show a yellow card. This means that he or she has to stay behind the meter line to start over or to be replaced by another archer who has yet to start from behind the meter line.
If the team does not respect the yellow card and the competitor shoots his arrow, the arrow of the series with the highest value will be canceled. The same procedure will be applied if a member of a team draws an arrow from the quiver before he or she is in the shooting position.

All members of the same category (class) must wear the same official team uniform. • The shorts must not be longer than the fingers, keeping the arms and hands over the body (non-adherent);
Jackets or top should be fixed over each shoulder and in the act of stretching the arch they should cover the belly button).
Jerseys sleeves may be long or short (in the act of stretching the bow they should cover the belly button).
Do not wear jeans and denim, nor camouflage, oversized trousers or baggy shorts (falling over the hip bone).
During the team and mixed team matches, jerseys / vests / tops and trousers / shorts / skirts should be worn with the same model and color.
In the event of particular weather conditions, protective clothing such as sweaters, clothes for heating / clothing, rain clothing, etc. may be worn after the approval by the Technical Delegate of the Event; in his absence, by the President of the Referees Commission (Jury).
Headpieces are optional.
All athletes are expected to wear athletic shoes, which should cover all the foot.
During the match the Registration Number (Pectoral) of the athletes will be placed on the quiver or leg and should be clearly visible from behind the shooting line.