Program of the week

23 July – Opening of the Sport Village (15:00)

24 July – Opening Ceremony – piazza Prampolini

25 July – Sport competition

26 July – Sport competition

27 July – Free day and night event at Reggiane – Innovation Park

28 July – Sport competition

29 July – Sport competition and Closing Ceremony – piazza della Vittoria

30 July – Closure of the Sport Village (12:00)

The calendar of sports competitions will be available in the coming weeks.


In addition to the facilities that will host sport competitions (facilities and sports centers located throughout the municipal and provincial territory), participants will live in the Sport Village, at a walking distance from Reggio Emilia’s historical center.

All facilities that will host meals, cultural events, ceremonies and activities to spend time together and meet each other will be located within a few hundred meters.

At the Sport Village, located at “Polo di via Makallè”, hundreds of young people from different nationalities, and their accompanying persons, will stay together for a week of friendship, intercultural dialogue and integration.

The Sport Village will be open from July 23rd(15:00) to July 30th (12:00) to facilitate the arrival and departure of delegations.